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It is considered as a group member of the drug class called morphine. The other name by which Xorphanol is popular is Xorphanol mesylate (USAN). Xorphanol is a blend of agonist and antagonist of opioid receptors.


The users of Xorphanol can experience certain side effects like headaches and extreme euphoria. In commercials terms, this drug has not got licensed due to its harmful side effects.


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Xorphanol is a modern combined antagonist from the analgesic opioid class. The physical responsibility for xorphanol is expected to be poorly controlled based on animal studies. Conceptually, xorphanol is of concern because anti-naloxone properties and antagonist susceptibility to opioid antagonists have been revealed in vitro studies. Xorphanol is a well-absorbed orally active analgesic at the functional stage and offers clinically appropriate pain relief.


The opioid analgesic xorphanol is a drug-related opioid. It is a combination antagonist in the μ-opioid receptor and exhibits powerful analgesic effects, which have no dependency or violence potential.

In animal tests, side effects were generally moderate with prominent sedation and nausea, while convulsions were also produced at the maximum dose measured.

The argument led to the fact that the medication was never commercially sold, but still in clinical testing.

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