Parabolan was prescribed for many years in cases of malnutrition, which will make a lot of sense as we dive into the compound. It was also prescribed to treat osteoporosis in some cases, as well as in the treatment of cachexia.


By understanding the functions and traits of the steroid it should be fairly easy to see that the effects of Parabolan are nothing short of remarkable. So remarkable, the effects of Parabolan will be beneficial to the steroid user in just about any type of cycle.


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Parabolan is used in the management of weight gain after intensive surgeries, chronic illness or significant injuries. It is used in order to alleviate muscle dystrophy from corticosteroid therapy and osteoporosis-related bone pain. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid class. Parabolan is less likely to cause side effects. This medication is not flavoring and binds with the androgen receptor very effectively.

The protein metabolism is highly influenced by this drug. This drug is a long-acting steroid that is available as a type of injection. Parabolan aims to facilitate the synthesis of proteins and regulates the amount of nitrogen in the body. This increases metabolism and enhances protein conversion.

The dosage of 50-100 mg in men any other day is sufficient. A few men any other day in the off-season require more than 100 mg. During the cutting processes, larger doses are used. Some individuals can handle 100 mg or 200 mg per day, although this increases the possibility of unpleasant side effects.

The dosage of 50 mg a day is always seen as poor, but bear in mind that it is a very effective steroid. This is the most appropriate dosage for most men and should be very relaxed with better outcomes. It might be a failure for the product if it doesn’t work

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