OG Kush


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A strain which is known by almost everyone in the marijuana world can be named as OG Kush. With ability to create euphoric high, it helps in controlling pain, meanwhile treating depression, anxiety and nausea in the users.


OG Kush is used to relieve stress, pain, depression, nausea and headache. This marijuana takes you on high mode which makes you feel the most relaxed and top of the world.


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OG Kush has small to large nugget-like buds with a thick and indicative shape. While certain phenotypes may exhibit traces of the purple, the latter color is attributed to the activation of cold weather anthocyanin pigments. These vivid flowers are characterized by bright orange pistils intended to absorb pollen from fertilizer plants.

The buds are coated with trichomes that make them silver-white and make them sticky — consumers can prefer to use a grinder when preparing their buds for a joint or pipe. The buds have an earthy and musty scent when well healed, which is emphasized by the citrus brightness: a hoppy craft beer has an overall impression.

The buds are almost like pine odors as they are burnt or torn open. OG Kush’s smoke is always rough and tough; the sinuses will itch and water the eye. Smoke tastes like a classic inhalation and exhalation indica. The pungent funk of OG Kush can last a while after a joint is extinct — any who wish to be discreet about their smoking should take the right precautions

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