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NPDPA is known as a dissociative anaesthetic drug. The other name for NPDPA is isopropylphenidine. It is sold as a designer drug online. The users have reported the effects of NPDPA that it causes hallucinations and state of euphoria.


On 1 June 2015, NPDPA got classified as the hazardous substance by Sweden’s Public Health Agency.


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Npdpa is a dissociative anesthetic, also known as the isopropylfenidine or the isophenidine. It is sold online as a designer medicine. It was first detected in germany in 2008 and has never been so readily available as associated substances, like diphenidine or ephenidine, but it appeared to appear in intercepted drug samples from time to time.

Metabolic pathway of isopropylphenidine is n- oxidation, n-dealkylation, benzene mono- and bis-hydroxylation, and phenyl hydroxylation only after n-dealkylation. The metabolites of dihydroxies is conjugated by glucuronidation or sulfation towards methylization of one hydroxy group and hydroxy metabolites.

Two synthetic products were seized in germany in 2008 and are n-ethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine (nedpa), n-iso-propyl-1,2-diphenylethhylamine (npdpa). In certain countries, the pharmas lead of these medications is lefetamine (n , n-dimethyl 1,2-diphenyl-thylamine, also called l-spa). The goal of this research was to investigate the metabolism of these drugs for phase i and phase ii in rats and to verify urinary sensitivity using the normal urinary testing (susa) approaches of the writers

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