Morphine Sulfate Injection


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Morphine Sulfate Injection is an effective medication used in the treatment of severe pain. The main ingredient present in this product is Morphine Sulfate Pentahydrate.The injection can be injected easily into the body either through vein or under the skin. The dose of this drug is decided on the basis of severity of the pain. Make sure you have clean the needle with alcohol before injecting it.


Get medical help immediately if you experience any side effects like drowsiness, confusion, light-headedness, mood changes, blurriness in the vision, or dryness in the mouth.


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Moderate or extreme discomfort is injected with medication. In an opioid classification, morphine is classified as analgesic opiate. It operates by modifying the response of the brain and system to pain.

How to use?

Injecting morphine is given as an intramuscular (inside the muscle) and intravenously (inside the vein) solution (liquid). Normally it is injected once every four hours. Use injection of morphine every day at the same time. Ignore the guidelines strictly on the drug label and ask the doctor or pharmacist to explain something that you do not understand. Using injection of morphine precisely as instructed.

During your care, your doctor can adjust the dosage of morphine injection according to how well the pain is managed and the side effects you encounter. Speak to your doctor how you deal about opioid injection during the procedure.

Do not avoid doing it unexpectedly after you have been doing opioid injection for more than a few days. You may have signs of resting and relaxation, teary nose, dripping nose, yawning and sweating, chills, muscle, back or joint pain, pupil widening, anxiety, agitation and fatigue, stomach cramps, sleeping problems or sleep difficulties, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea; rapid breathing; or a swift heartbeat, whether you abruptly interrupt the application of morphine injection. Your doctor could be progressively reducing your dosage

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