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This is known as an opioid analgesic drug. Methadone provides relief in pain, especially if the patient is suffering from cancer when the level of pain becomes extreme. Do not take this medicine for the treatment of mild pain.


The side effects that may take place upon taking this drug include dizziness, vomiting, dryness in the mouth, nausea, light-headedness, drowsiness or sweating.


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Methadone is part of an opioid family. German surgeons did it after the Second World War. Surgeons used it to treat patients in severe discomfort when it came to the United States. You will still get medication now as part of an opioid or prescription painkiller recovery program.

And if it’s better than any other drug, the doctor should be very vigilant about taking methadone. It may lead to dependency or violence.

How to use?

Methadone affects the reaction to pain in the brain and nervous system to help you feel relieved. It has weaker effects than most heavy painkillers, for example morphine. If you have a lot of pain from injury, surgery and long-term diseases, your doctor can prescribe methadone.

It also prevents medications such as codeine, methamphetamine, hydrocodone, morphine or oxycodone from rising high. It may produce a familiar feeling and avoid retreat symptoms and cravings. This can be considered substitution therapy.

Typically, this is just one aspect of the recovery plan. It’s not a therapy for abuse

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