Master Kush


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The best birth an indica cross has ever given to, is Master Kush. The strain is perfect at giving away the users with best body high and making them relaxed out of their medical conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain and nausea.


OG Kush is used to relieve stress, pain, depression, nausea and headache. This marijuana takes you on high mode which makes you feel the most relaxed and top of the world.


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The strain Master Kush originates from south Amsterdam and is called the High Rise strain. This strain mainly from Indica became popular as a tetraploid strain in coffee shops there. The bulk of strains of cannabis are diploid. They have two chromosome sets, one per cell parent. Four times more haploid chromosomes near tetraploid strains, which are eight pairs.

Master Kush induces a euphoria that can hold consumers in a blissful tune, but not overwhelming. More seasoned consumers are showing an uptick in imagination and mental interest. The normal dry eyes and mouths when Master Kush is smoked may also cause adverse effects. Any patients are often dizzy, paranoid, and concerned at elevated doses or when Master Kush is edible.

The key benefits of this strain are depression and anxiety alleviation. The intense and Indica-based effects are perfect at night to relax. In the treatment of insomnia, Master Kush is extremely effective. Its high body twitching can improve chronic pain control. The strong, stereotypical “munchies” of this strain can be also helpful to enhance appetite for patients with anorexia , bulimia and eating disorders

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