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Heroin has a white and brown colour. This drug is sticky in nature. The other names for this drug are big H, horse, hell dust, and smack.This product is produced out from morphine.


The side effects of Heroin usually stay either for a longer period or a short period of time. A user of this product may suffer serious side effects likenausea and vomiting, dry mouth, warm flushing of the skin, heavy feeling in the arms and legs, clouded mental functioning, or severe itching.


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Heroin is a floral remedy, opium powder, widely cultivated in Mexico, Asia and South America. It’s been particularly addictive and banned since 1924 in the United States. It may be a dark black “tar,” or it can appear white or brown powder. It is also called horse, ash, junk, or orange.

How to use?

Some cigarette or opium snoring. The bulk of consumers inject it in their veins. This is the most risky way to take it, because overdose is simplest and a dirty needle will attract a disease.

Regardless of how you take this, heroin quickly reaches your brain. It’s quick to become reliant too. Even once or twice you use it, it can be impossible to avoid using again. Find out all about the addictive aspect of heroin.

You get a wave of positive mood and pleasure right after taking heroin. Then, you sound like the world is winding down for several hours. Slowly, you believe and slowly walk. Some people say that you like you’re in a fantasy

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