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Halotest is a dry prohormone, holding little, if any water retention (“bloat”) during the cycle. Many athletes prefer to stack dry compounds with wet ones to get different variations of effects. Wet hormones will have some conversion to estrogen. It’s sensible to add a wet compound because estrogen helps keep energy levels high, fighting lethargy and lower blood pressure. In addition, wet hormones will increase muscle growth and won’t fight dry compounds for use of the same testosterone receptors.


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A prosteroid is marketed as a nutritional supplement, Halotest 25. It was launched in 2007 and is a direct clone of a steroid called ProMagnon. Halotest 25 belongs to Powerlab Nutrition, a retail maker of “quasi-legal steroids” that currently advertise on facebook and elsewhere (quite audacious). Halotest is a powerful prosteroid, but it has some inconvenience.

A steroid such as Halotest is a pleasant component since it is very moderate on the liver and even moderate on the hairline and estrogen. This doesn’t mean that you won’t get these results, only that it doesn’t make you the worst attacker on the chemically changed prosteroid sector. You can’t exclude it, but it shouldn’t do it all by itself; people always get bitch tits from stuff like halothesis.

Halotest 25 contains the 4-chloro-17a-methyl-andro-4-ene 3, 17bdiol steroid, which is identical to the oral and clostebol turinibol. This steroid can not be transformed into estrogen or DHT, rendering it very free from side effects. It has long been around and can be viewed on the Internet from various outlets. Users record 13-18 lbs gains over the 30 day period, although in the field of side effects it was found very moderate

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