Grape Ape


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A strain with the strong indica roots, Grape Ape is regarded as one of the best marijuana strain in terms to delivering complete euphoria and relaxation in the humans. The best part of this strain is that it has strong ability to reduce nausea and treat anxiety, depression, stress and headache.


Grape Ape is used to relieve stress, pain, depression, nausea and headache. This marijuana takes you on high mode which makes you feel the most relaxed and top of the world.


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Grape Ape is a sweet, unforgettable strain with deep indica origin. Its peculiar nature and nuanced fruity fragrance make it a simple favorite, little to tell about its amazingly strong body. Ape grapes are produced as diverse as Mendocino Purps (Mendocino Purps), an outstanding crossbreed of Northern California, the popular Skunk staple strain and a legendary Afghan nation. The synthesis of these complexities has created a startling and audacious variation.

Seeds of the Washington State-based Apothecary Genetics and Barny ‘s Estate, a seed bank that produces other taste-oriented strains, such as LSD and Pineapple Chunk, exist for numerous varieties. Grape Ape samples of 15 per cent to 25 percent THC composition were checked in the laboratory Analytical 360.

Grape Ape is distinguished by excellent colors and multi-layered aromas – with a stronger appeal of the customer than others. Buds are wide and have a closely angled blade structure. The leaves are deep green with phenotypes that indicate violet, even red colors with copper pistils inside. The count of trichomes ranges from moderate to high, making the flowers extremely adhesive.

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