Before you buy MDMA (MDMA for sale) (Ecstasy/Molly) is popularly sold under the names as E, Adam, Clarity, XTC, Hug Drug, Essence, and Love Drug. This drug is very affecting and synthetic for the body. It helps in enhancing mood, aggression, sleep, sexual activity and sensitivity to pain.


Before going ahead to buy MDMA there are some very important side effects of it that you need to keep in mind and they are stated below.

Use of MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) may cause various side effects like paranoia, depression, confusion, sleeping problems, anxiety, chills, sweating, muscle tension, blurred vision, faintness, nausea and involuntary teeth-clenching.


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A molecular composition identical to the stimulant Methamphetamine and Hallucinogen Mescaline, MDMA is the herbal, psychoactive medication.

MDMA is an illicit drug that functions both as a stimulant and as a psychedelic, creating a calming, distortive effect and increased fun from contact. Ecstasy and Molly is widely regarded.

Since the 1980s it has been on the street and use by college students and young adults has grown in the 1990s. Late-night activities called “raves,” night clubs, and rock festivals have been the most widely distributed.

How to use?

It is typically swallowed by the mouth in tablet or capsule form. Traffickers of ecstasy consistently use brand names, colors and slogans as methods for commercialization, and separate their goods from the competition. The logos can coincide with vacations or special events. Butterflies, lightning bolts and four-blade clovers are among the most common logos.

It is often available as a powder, is often taken as a solvent and is sometimes burned but seldom injected.

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