Acrylfentanyl (hydrochloride)


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Acrylfentanyl (Hydrochloride)is also famous with other names such as acryloylfentanyl or egyptenyl. It is sold as a designer drug worldwide. This drug is very powerful and is an opioid analgesic drug.


There are some side effects that may occur while being on the medication Acrylfentanyl (Hydrochloride) including itching, nausea, and respiratory depression that may even lead to life threats.


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Acrylic fentanyl is an exceedingly powerful fentanyl analgesic derivative that is marketed and used recreationally as a manufacturer pharmaceutical medication, also known as acryloylfentanyl. A snap-n-spike formulation for use as a starting medium in opioid acrylic calibrators and controls for clinical toxicology and forensic or urinary examination procedures in lc / ms or gc / ms acrylics.

Acrylfentanyl is formulated for uses in narcotics, doping agents. All acrylfentanyl knowledge is included in the msds. We provide high-purity substances and a full review stamp. To consult records, please link with your member account.

Acryloylfentanyl shall in the same manner and with the same effects as other opioids be used and misused with non-medical reasons. The notified side effects include myosis, reduced awareness and respiratory depression (including poisoning). Deaths in europe and the united states have been recorded, taking place during a comparatively short time

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